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Mogul-Somersett Earthquake Swarm

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Earthquake Information

Living with Earthquakes in Nevada (Source: NBMG Special Publication 27)

Earthquakes in Nevada and How to Survive Them

Geologic Information

Generalized Geologic Map of Nevada (page size, 8.5"x11", Source: NBMG)

Geology Map of Nevada (1:500,000 scale, Source: NBMG)

Geology of Nevada (web only, Source: Jonathan G. Price, Director/State Geologist, NBMG)


Do you know how to protect
yourself during earthquakes?

Download NBMG SP27 Living with Earthquakes in Nevada to learn how
to 'Beat the Quake'!

Beat the Quake!

Share your experience!
Want to share stories and see photos of the Mogul-Somersett earthquake swarm? Stay tuned... coming soon.

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Please consider all reports and photo labels preliminary.  They are intended to help scientists, engineers, and emergency managers in their earthquake response and recovery efforts.  They have not been edited or reviewed by peers, as will be done for fully published reports.
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