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Global Geodesy


A New Technique to Enhance Global GPS Accuracy and Resolution for Earth Science
Geoff Blewitt

Detecting Transient Deformation Signals in GPS time-series
Corné Kreemer and Ilia Zaliapin, UNR Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Geodetic Imaging of Earth's Surface Deformation using Integrated InSAR and GPS Observations
Bill Hammond, Geoff Blewitt, Corné Kreemer, and Hans-Peter Plag

Improvements to the GPS Data Analysis System as Implemented at JPL
Geoff Blewitt

Surface Mass Loads from GRACE, GPS, and Earth Rotation Measurements
Hans-Peter Plag, Geoff Blewitt; and R.J. Gross, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Global Geodetic Observing System: Meeting the Requirements of a Global Society on a Changing Planet in 2020
Hans-Peter Plag