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Precious and Base Materials


Ralph J. Roberts Center for Research in Economic Geology (CREG)

Annual Update on Metallic Mineral Resource Production and Exploration in Nevada
John Muntean

Carlin-Type Gold Deposits of the Getchell District
John Muntean; and Jean Cline, UNLV

Characterization of the Time-Space Relationships between Hydrothermal Alteration, Gold Mineralization, and Intrusive Phases in the RBM Pit, Bald Mountain Mining District, White Pine County, Nevada
John Muntean

Debunking Mining Fraud
Paul Lechler

Eocene Magmatism, Tectonics, and Carlin-Type Deposits
Chris Henry

Fluid Pathways, and Metal Transport and Deposition in Carlin-Type Gold Deposits: Insights From the Getchell System
John Muntean and Jean Cline, UNLV

Geology and Gold Deposits of the Jerritt Canyon District
John Muntean and Chris Henry

Geology of the Caetano Caldera and its Relationship with the Ore Deposits near Cortez
Chris Henry; David John and Joe Colgan, USGS

Geologic Mapping of the Flowery Peak Quadrangle
Steve Castor and Kyle House

Geologic Mapping of the Virginia City Quadrangle
Steve Castor, Larry Garside, Chris Henry; and Don Hudson, consultant

Gordon Research Conference on Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
John Muntean

Mineral Resource Assessment of Northern Nye County, Nevada
John Muntean, Chris Henry, Larry Garside, David Davis, and Jordan Hastings

Mining Cooperative Fund Research
Jon Price

Recovery of Platinum and Palladium from Fortified Fire Assay Charges of Quartz and Gabbro
Paul Lechler

Standard Reference Materials for Precious Metal Analysis
Paul Lechler and Mario Desilets

Zonation of Hydrothermal Alteration around the High-Grade Gold Veins in the Jarbidge Mining District
John Muntean