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Tectonics and Geodynamics


An Integrated Geologic and Geodetic Study of Strain Accumulation and Release in the Northern Walker Lane
Steve Wesnousky, Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering; Bill Hammond, and Corné Kreemer

Geologic Mapping of the Fernley West Quadrangle
Jim Faulds, Chris Henry, and Alan Ramelli

Geologic Mapping of the Hazen Quadrangle
Jim Faulds and Alan Ramelli

Improving the Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Strain Rate Models of Continental Deformation
Corné Kreemer

Neogene Development of the Northern Walker Lane: An Evolving Transform Plate Boundary
Jim Faulds, Chris Henry; and Pat Cashman, Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering

Paleogene Paleovalleys in Nevada and Eastern California
Larry Garside, Chris Henry, and Jim Faulds

Revealing the Nature of Contemporary Uplift and Collapse in the Sierra Nevada - Great Basin System
Geoff Blewitt, Bill Hammond, and Hans-Peter Plag

Quasi-Block Modeling of Walker Lane Belt Tectonic Deformation, Using Geodetic and Geologic Data to Constrain System Complexity and Time-Variable Behavior
Bill Hammond, Geoff Blewitt, and Corné Kreemer

Tertiary-Quaternary Magmatic-Tectonic-Hydrothermal Evolution, Central Nevada to the Sierra Nevada
Chris Henry

Temporal and Spatial Changes of Stress and Strain
Corné Kreemer

Thermal Contraction, Oceanic Intraplate Deformation, and Plate Circuit Closure
Corné Kreemer

Time-Dependent Modeling of Seismic Moment Release
Ilia Zaliapin, UNR Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Corné Kreemer; John Anderson, and Aasha Pancha, Nevada Seismological Laboratory