DRAFT - State of Nevada Hazard Mitigation Plan - 2018

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**Please note that much of the final formatting has not been completed in any of the sections. This will be completed during the public review process. The purpose of this website is to display current DRAFTS of all sections and appendices in the 2018 update for the public to review.**

Cover Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Section 0 - Overview of Plan
Section 1 - Official Record of Adoption
Section 2 - Planning Process (planning tables will continue to be updated as plan progresses.)
Section 3 - Risk Assessments
Section 4 - Mitigation Strategy
Section 5 - Coordinating Local Mitigation Planning
Section 6 - Plan Maintenance Process
Section 7 - References (References will alphabetized and continue to be updated as plan progresses.)
Section 8 - Enhanced Plan Criteria Achievements Program

Appendix A - Adoption Resolution (Will have after plan is submitted to FEMA)
Appendix B - Participating Organizations
Appendix C - Bylaws
Appendix D - Agendas and Minutes (Will add minutes and agendas as they become available.)
Appendix E - NAC Emergency Management
Appendix F - HAZUS EQ Maps
Appendix G - Lists of Dams in Nevada
Appendix H - HAZUS Flood Maps
Appendix I - Federal and State Assurances
Appendix J - Wildfire Maps
Appendix K - Extreme Weather
Appendix L - HAZUS Estimated Losses from Earthquakes
Appendix M - THIRA
Appendix N - WSSPC Policies
Appendix O - Completed Mitigation Activities
Appendix P - Public Outreach
Appendix Q - Nevada Ditches
Appendix R - State Mitigation Plan Review Guide
Appendix S - Drought Study - DRI
Appendix T - Losses Avoided
Appendix U - Radiological Emergency Response Plan