State Mapping Advisory Committee

Minutes of the Annual Meeting
15 January 1998
Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas

The Nevada State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC) held its annual meeting from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. on 15 January 1998 in conjunction with the 1998 meeting of the Nevada State GIS Conference.


Membership in SMAC and its committees is fully open to anyone who has interests in mapping and wishes to participate. Attendees at the meeting included the following:

Kyle Anderson, Washoe County
Wes Andrews, Community College of Southern Nevada
Marianne August, USGS-WRD
Dave Bortnem, USGS-NMD
Kathy Branton, U.S. Forest Service-Toiyabe National Forest
Kathy Covert, Federal Geographic Data Committee
David Edwards, Clark County
Art Ehrenberg, LVVWD
Rick Free, Nevada Department of Transportation
Terri Garside, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Ben Grisson, Nevada Department of Transportation
Paul Hartley, ADGIS
Kelvin Hickenbottom, Nevada Division of Water Planning
Gary Johnson, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Ingrid Landgraf, USGS-NMD
Rose Medina, USGS-WRD
Scott Mensing, University of Nevada, Reno
Mark O'Brien, Bureau of Land Management
Randy Pahl, Nevada Division of Water Planning
J.R. Peay, Community College of Southern Nevada
Dave Pickel, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Bruce Piper, Bureau of Land Management
Jonathan G. Price, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (SMAC Chair)
Sherry Sorensen, U.S. Forest Service-Toiyabe National Forest
Fred Stanio, Nevada Department of Transportation
Jerry Vivant, Nevada Department of Transportation

Jon Price, SMAC Chair, welcomed everyone and asked individuals to introduce themselves and briefly report on mapping projects. He explained that SMAC's main function has been to provide a state perspective to the U.S. Geological Survey's National Mapping Division with regard to priorities for map products. SMAC also has a GIS Subcommittee, which is currently undertaking a survey of the need for better coordination of geographic information, and a Geologic Mapping Subcommittee, which is helping to set priorities for geologic mapping by the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Mark O'Brien (BLM) reported completion of all 7.5-minute Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for Nevada, a cooperative project among several agencies.

Kyle Anderson reported that Washoe County has flown the county with color digital aerial photography.

J.R. Peay reported that CCSN now offers four courses in GIS.

Dave Pickel (Natural Resources Conservation Service) plans to develop a spatial data set of hydrologic units at 1:24,000.

The Nevada Department of Transportation plans to be able to produce digital orthophotoquads by the end of the year with their own equipment.

Dave Edwards noted that all of Clark County's metadata is one the Web.


Gary Johnson reported on the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) project to investigate a statewide or regional geographic information coordination council. Interestingly, few people have an appreciation of what SMAC does or even that it exists. A new questionnaire will be forthcoming on framework data.

Jon Price suggested that SMAC have a Web site, including pointing to GIS metadata and data available on Web sites of various state, federal, and local agencies and the private sector. [NOTE ADDED AFTER THE MEETING: SMAC does now have a Web site (; this site contains information on the purposes of SMAC, how it is organized, its subcommittees, minutes of recent meetings, and agendas for future meetings. In addition, the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology established a Virtual Clearinghouse for Nevada Geographic Information on the Web (, with links to many providers of geographic information, and a Web site for the Nevada Geographic Names Board ( We encourage everyone to visit the Virtual Clearinghouse and supply additional links to other appropriate Web sites where Nevada geographic information and metadata can be found.]


Art Ehrenberg reported that this year's Nevada GIS Conference, with 236 registrants and $23,000 in revenue (with about the same in expenses), has been a success. All agreed and applauded Art for his and the organizing committee's efforts.


Ingrid Landgraf updated SMAC on USGS National Mapping Division Projects in Nevada. The USGS no longer follows the A-16 process, but now has a "Department of Interior High Priority Digital Database Program." DOI agencies are asked to make requests to the USGS-NMD for their mapping needs. The SMAC has a capability of influencing the process by communicating State needs to the DOI agencies. 716 digital orthophotoquds (DOQ) quarter-quads were completed ($769,000 of work) in 1997; 858 DOQs ($854,000) will be completed in 1998.

Although all the 7.5-minute DEMs have been produced for Nevada, not all are available for sale at this time. They should be available within a few months. There is a program to upgrade from DEM level 1 to level 2.

There is no USGS plan to produce hypsography digital line graphs (DLGs); sharing in the cost for these projects is $700 per file (per 7.5-minute quadrangle).

The USGS will be phasing out PLSS DLG production during 1998. The USGS is also unsure about its role in transportation (including railroads and miscellaneous transportation).

DOI agencies can request updates of paper maps (about 1000 per year). It is likely that Las Vegas NE, Las Vegas SE, Las Vegas SW and Hoover Dam will be updated in 1998.

DRGs are all done for the state.

The group thanked Ingrid and the USGS for their help in seeing that many of SMAC's priorities for mapping have been addressed in the last few years.


The SMAC then came to consensus on the following priorities (1 being highest) for base mapping by the USGS National Mapping Division.
  1. Digital Orthophoto Quads (DOQs) in northwestern Nevada (specifically Washoe County south of 39o52.5'N, all of Storey County, Lyon County, and Mineral County) - restatement of last year's second priority. Agencies with requirements in this area include the U.S. Geological Survey - Water Resources Division, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service, Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Nevada Division of Water Planning, Washoe County, and other county and city agencies. Applications include land-use planning in and around rapidly developing urban centers, emergency flood response, soil-survey field-mapping support, farm and ranch planning, water- resource management, environmental monitoring and planning, ecosystem management, hazardous material accident response, transportation engineering and safety, and framework-mapping updates.
  2. DOQs and Digital Line Graphs (DLGs) for hypsography, transportation, and hydrography for all of Clark County - rewording of last year's third priority. Agencies with requirements in this area include the U.S. Geological Survey - Water Resources, Biological Resources, and Geologic Divisions, Bureau of Land Management, Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Division of Water Planning, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Clark County, Las Vegas Valley Water District, and city agencies. Applications include land-use planning in and around the most rapidly developing urban area in the United States, water-resource management, environmental monitoring and planning, ecosystem management, hazardous material accident response, transportation engineering and safety, and framework- mapping updates. [NOTE ADDED AFTER THE MEETING: Ingrid Landgraf reported that the DOQs for eight 7.5-minute quadrangles in Las Vegas Valley will be done before the surrounding quads, which are due in September 1998. The 32 quarter-quads will be reprocessed in-house to meet standards.]
  3. DOQs and DLGs for transportation for all Wilderness Study Areas in Nevada - rewording of last year's fourth priority. Agencies with requirements in this area include the U.S. Geological Survey - Water Resources, Geologic, and Biological Resources Divisions, Bureau of Land Management, and Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. Applications include land-use planning and boundary definition to support BLM's mission and Congressional action on Wilderness designations, water-resource management, ecosystem management, environmental monitoring and planning, and framework-mapping updates.
  4. DOQs for the Walker Lane area of mineral deposits (a belt about 100 miles wide that parallels the northwest-trending border with California, including, in addition to areas identified under this year's priority 1, all of Esmeralda County and southern Nye County (south of 38o15'N)). Agencies with requirements in this area include the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Geological Survey Geologic and Biological Resources Divisions, Nevada Division of Water Planning, and the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. Applications include land-use planning in areas with high potential for development of metallic mineral resources, ecosystem management, and water-resource management.
  5. DOQs for southern Eureka and southern Lander Counties. Agencies with requirements in this area include the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Geological Survey Geologic and Biological Resources Divisions, Nevada Division of Water Planning, and the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. Applications include land-use planning in areas with high potential for development of metallic mineral resources, ecosystem management, and water-resource management.
  6. DOQs on agricultural lands throughout the state (see list of quadrangles supplied in attached e-mail from Dave Pickel). Agencies with requirements in this area include Bureau of Land Management, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources and Biological Resources Divisions, and Nevada Division of Water Planning. Applications include land-use planning, farm management, water-resource management, and ecosystem management.
All projects will utilize current (1994) existing NAPP photography. We would like to see, under Priority 2 (Clark County) the holes in the photography filled in on lands near but outside of the Nellis Air Force Ranges and Nevada Test Site. Urban growth is encroaching on these areas. We recognize that photography is not scheduled to be reflown until 1999.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jon Price, 25 January 1998


To: Jon Price
Cc: Gary Johnson, Mark O'Brien, Lorri A. Peltz-Lewis, John Capurro Kristin Gerhart, Kyle Anderson
From: Dave Pickel
Subject: SMAC - Spatail Data Priorities
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 98 10:09:47 EST

Dr. Price,

Attached is a list of quad names identifying 7.5' quads that have significant amounts of private land, and no completed or approved DOQ production. I have made no attempt to segregate those with agricultural production, since those data are not yet available to us. In any case, I'm sure you would agree that there are overlapping priorities for DOQ production for these Nevada quadrangles.


Dave Pickel
GIS Coordinator

Alamo SE
Alkali Lake
Alkali Peak
Antelope Mountain
Antelope Peak
Antelope Spring
Arizona Spring
Badger Hole Spring
Badger Mountain NW
Badger Mountain SE
Bald Mountain
Barrel Springs
Basque Summit
Baxter Spring NW
Bean Flat West
Beatty Mountain
Beck Pass
Becky Peak
Bell Canyon
Belmont East
Belmont West
Bennett Pass
Bettles Well
Betty Creek
Big Creek Ranch
Big Hard Pan
Big Kasock Mountain
Big Ten Peak East
Big Ten Peak West
Black Dyke Mountain
Black Point
Black Rock Point East
Black Warrior Peak
Blanchard Mountain
Blowout Mountain
Blue Eagle Mountain
Blue Eagle Springs NE
Blue Eagle Springs SW
Blue Jay Spring
Blue Mass Canyon
Blue Wing Flat South
Bob Spring
Bog Hot Springs
Boies Reservoir
Boone Canyon
Boone Spring
Borchert Spring
Boyer Ranch
Bristol Range SE
Brown Summit SW
Buck Brush Spring
Buck Mountain East
Buck Mountain West
Buckwheat Rim
Buffalo Summit
Bull Run Reservoir
Bullwhacker Springs
Bunker Peak
Burnt Cabin Summit
Butler Mountain
Byers Canyon
Byers Ranch
Cabin Spring
Calavera Canyon
Calcutta Lake
Callaway Well
Camp Creek Canyon
Camp Douglas
Carter Reservoir
Catnip Canyon
Catnip Mountain SE
Cattle Camp Spring
Chase Spring
Cherry Creek
Cherry Spring
Chief Mountain
Christian Spring
Christina Peak
Chuck Wagon Flat
Chukar Canyon
Churchill Butte
Clapper Creek
Cloverdale Ranch
Cobre SE
Cold Creek Ranch
Coleman Canyon
Combs Creek
Comins Lake
Condor Canyon
Connors Pass
Corcoran Canyon
Corey Peak
Corn Creek Springs NW
Corn Creek Springs
Cow Canyon
Coyote Spring
Crescent Reservoir
Crescent Spring
Crooks Meadow
Crow Springs
Crows Nest
Currant Summit
Currie Gardens
Dead Horse Canyon NE
Decoy SW
Deer Lodge Canyon
Delamar 3 SW
Delcer Buttes
Desert Creek Ranch
Dicalite Summit
Dickenson Well
Disaster Peak
Dixie Hot Springs
Dixie Valley SE
Dixie Valley
Dolly Varden Spring
Dolly Varden
Donnelly Creek
Dove Creek
Dow Mountain
Drumm Summit
Dry Mountain NW
Eagle Rock Spring
East of Goldfield
East of Pancake Summit
East of Snowball Ranch
East of Tonopah
Elgin NE
Emerson Pass
Ferber Peak NW
Ferber Peak
Fernley West
Fife Mountain
Flagstaff Mountain
Flowery Lake
Forest Home
Fortynine Mountain
Fossil Peak
Fox Canyon
Freds Well
Garden Spring
Georges Water
Georgetta Ranch
Gilbert SE
Giroux Wash
Gleason Basin
Goat Island
Godeys Rock
Goshute Creek
Goshute Lake NE
Goshute Lake North
Goshute Lake South
Goshute Peak
Granny Goose Well
Grass Valley Wash
Grassy Mountain
Green Springs
Groom Mine
Haggerty Spring
Hardy Creek
Hardy Springs
Harris Canyon
Hat Peak
Hawthorne West
Heath Canyon
Hickison Summit
Hicks Mountain
Hiko NE
Hiko SE
Hobble Canyon
Holloway Mountain
Horse Camp Springs
Horse Spring Hills
Hot Creek Butte
Hualapai Flat North
Hualapai Flat South
Hubbard Basin
Humboldt Salt Marsh
Independence Valley NE
Independence Valley NW
Independence Valley SE
Independence Valley SW
Indian Cove
Indian Garden Creek
Indian Springs
Jackrabbit Spring
Jayhawk Well
Jordan Meadow Mountain
Jordan Meadow NW
Jordan Meadow
Juniper Canyon
Juniper Pass
Juniper Peak
Kawich Peak NE
Kawich Peak
Kitchen Meadow
Knoll Mountain
Knott Creek Ranch
Knott Creek
Kumiva Peak
La Plata Canyon
Lake Valley Summit
Leppy Peak NW
Liberty Springs
Lincoln Flat
Lion Spring
Little Coleman Canyon
Little Fish Lake
Little Huntoon Valley
Lone Mountain
Long Valley Slough
Lower Pahranagat Lake SE
Lucky Boy
Lusetti Canyon
Lyman Crossing
Mable Mountain
Maggie Summit
Magruder Mountain
Mail Summit
Marking Corral Summit
Martin Canyon
Massacre Creek
Massacre Lake NW
Massacre Lake
Mattier Creek
McCann Canyon
McCutchen Spring
McDermid Ranch
McIntyre Summit
McKinney Tanks
Merritt Mountain
Meteorite Crater
Midas Spring
Middle Stack Mountain
Miners Canyon
Mitchell Spring
Mixie Flat
Mizpah Point
Mohawk Mine
Monitor Peak
Monte Mountain
Monte Neva Hot Springs
Mooney Basin Summit
Moores Station SW
Moores Station
Moorman Spring NW
Moorman Spring SE
Moorman Spring
Mormon Dan Peak
Mosey Mountain
Mosquito Valley
Mount Annie SE
Mount Augusta
Mount Butte
Mount Como
Mount Etna
Mount Grafton NE
Mount Grafton
Mount Grant
Mount Hamilton
Mount Irish
Mount Taylor
Mud Lake NW
Mud Lake North
Mud Meadow
New Pass
New York Peak
Nile Spring
Ninemile Canyon
Ninemile Peak
Ninemile Ranch
North Spring Point
Nut Mountain
Nye Canyon
Outlaw Springs SE
Pablo Canyon Ranch
Pahroc Spring SE
Pahroc Spring
Painted Point
Palomino Well
Pancake Summit SW
Park Mountain
Parker Canyon
Parker Station
Parsnip Peak
Patterson Pass
Paymaster Canyon
Paymaster Ridge
Pequop Summit SW
Pequop Summit
Pierson Summit
Pilot Peak
Pine Creek Ranch
Pine Grove Spring
Pinto Summit SW
Pinto Summit
Piper Peak
Pirouette Mountain
Pony Springs
Powell Mountain NE
Preston Reservoir
Pritchards Station
Prohibition Flat
Purgatory Peak
Pyramid NE
Pyramid SE
Pyramid SW
Quartz Mountain NW
Quartz Mountain
Quinn Canyon Springs NW
Quinn Canyon Springs
Ramsey Spring
Rattlesnake Mountain
Red Ridge
Red Rock Canyon
Reeds Ranch
Reveille Peak NW
Reveille Peak
Rhyolite Knob
Rhyolite Ridge SW
Rhyolite Ridge
Rice Mountain
Riverside Ranch
Robinson Summit
Rock Spring Table
Rock Springs Pass
Rocky Canyon
Rose Valley
Ruby City Creek
Ruby Lake SE
Russell Spit
Rye Creek
Sage Hen Hills
Salt Marsh
Sammy Springs
San Antonio Well
San Emidio Desert North
San Emidio Desert South
Sand Spring
Saulsbury Basin
Sawmill Canyon
Secret Basin
Seligman Canyon
Sentinel Rock
Seven Lakes Mountain
Seven Troughs NW
Seven Troughs
Shingle Pass
Silo Canyon
Silver Canyon
Silver Peak
Silver Zone Pass
Silverado Mountain
Sixmile Canyon
Skinner Canyon
Smith Well
Smoke Creek Ranch
Snowball Ranch
Spanish Flat
Spring Gulch
Squaw Valley
Star Valley Ridge West
State Line Peak
Steptoe Ranch
Stockton Well
Stone Cabin Ranch NE
Stone Cabin Ranch SE
Stone Cabin Ranch SW
Stone Cabin Ranch
Summit Station
Sunnyside NW
Sunset Reservoir
Sunshine Well
Swan Lake
Sweetwater Creek
Teels Marsh
Tempiute Mountain South
Thacker Pass
The Banjo
The Monitor
The Needle Rocks
The Wall SE
The Wall SW
The Wall
Third Butte East
Third Butte West
Thirsty Canyon SW
Thirtymile Ranch
Thousand Creek Gorge
Thunder Mountain
Timber Mountain Pass NE
Timber Mountain Pass NW
Tippett Canyon
Tohakum Peak NE
Tohakum Peak NW
Tohakum Peak SE
Trail Canyon
Trident Peak
Trinity Pass NW
Troy Canyon
Tunnel Spring
Twin Buttes Well
Twin Meadows Ranch
Twin Springs Slough
Tybo Well
Ungina Wongo
Utah Peak
Valley Mountain
Ward Charcoal Ovens
Ward Mountain
Warm Springs Summit
Warm Springs
Washburn Basin
Weaver Canyon
Weber Dam
Weber Reservoir
Wells Station
West Morris Basin
West of Beck Pass
West of Empire
White Blotch Springs SE
White Horse Mountain NW
White Patch Draw
White Rock Creek
White Sage Canyon
Wichman Canyon
Wildcat Peak NW
Wildcat Peak
Wilder Creek Ranch
Winter Ridge
Wonder Mountain
Worthington Peak
Yelland Dry Lake