State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC) Meeting
8:30 AM; April 23, 1999
9th Annual Nevada GIS Conference
Reno/Sparks Convention Center
4590 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada

8:35 AM: OPENING REMARKS and Welcome by Jon Price, Chairman

Jon gave a brief history of the State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC) and its past and present involvement with the GIS conference. He discussed various avenues of input to the U.S. Geologic Survey in prioritizing topographic mapping requirements for Nevada. Meeting attendance is open to State, Local, County, Federal, and private participation. He also discussed the roles of the SMAC GIS subcommittee and the SMAC Geologic Mapping Subcommittee.

A sign up sheet was passed around.


Report on the 9th Annual Nevada State GIS Conference, hosted by the Nevada Geographic Information Society (NVGIS), Kyle Anderson conference committee chairman reported that the conference was a success and has 254 paid registrants. A teacher/student outreach program at this year's conference also brought in an additional 60 teachers and 120 high school students for an introduction to the potential of GIS technologies.

Kyle also announced that the new President of the Nevada Geographic Information Society is Clint Woods (Clark County) and Vice President/President Elect is Jan Gould (Reno).

Report from Gary Johnson, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, on the FGDC sponsored survey of user requirements for Nevada, the detailed results of which were presented at last year's SMAC meeting. He also reported good progress on the ongoing FGDC sponsored clearing house and metadata node project for Nevada. The purpose of this project is to help agencies create metadata and develop an FGDC metadata clearing house node for Nevada. Cooperating agencies involved are Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Washoe County, and Las Vegas Valley Water Authority. The metadata clearing house node should be online in 2 weeks. Gary is currently applying for a grant to host 12 additional metadata workshops and is considering a grant proposal to get FGDC assistance in establishing a more formal geographic information coordination body for Nevada.

Report from Rupert White, Nevada Department of Information Technology (775- 684-5855, email: rwhite@doit.state.nv.us), on the Status of the State of Nevada Geographic Information Task Force. Rupert has offered to restart the GIS white paper task force that was initiated in 1995 to develop a coordinated approach to GIS utilization in Nevada State Government. He believes that there is significant interest in moving the process forward. He reviewed some of the ongoing changes taking place in the Department of Information Technology, the creation of an emerging technologies group, and the possible utilization of its steering council to assist in the area of State GIS activities. There should be more State interagency use of GIS technology and data.

Jon Price stated that SMAC recognizes many other agencies outside of State government (Federal, local, and private, some with a large stake in GIS data resources) that are key players in GIS data development within Nevada. These agencies should be included in the State effort to increase utilization and coordination of GIS technologies in State Government.

Rupert White handed out an interest form on task force membership (a copy is attached to the minutes) and asked interested parties to reply. He will be getting in touch with Ron Hess to schedule a more focused meeting on this issue. Rupert stated that the purpose of his agency's efforts are to improve GIS technology coordination and data acquisition - not to control it. Utah was suggested as a model organization and NSGIC was suggested as a resource. Any meetings held should be at least quarterly.

Report on U.S. Geological Survey National Mapping Division (NMD) Projects and highlights in Nevada, by David Bortnem. David announced that the National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) would be flown over Nevada this year, 1:40,000 scale, black and white photography. 1:24,000 scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data is now complete for Nevada as are the Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) maps for Nevada. He explained the Department of Interior (DOI) high priority mapping program and suggested working with local DOI offices to influence mapping priorities in areas of interest. Agencies in the DOI group were listed as BIA, BLM, BOR, FWS, MMS, NPS, and all divisions of the USGS. DOQQ co-op projects will probably take between 14 and 18 months before deliverables become available (if photography already exists). It is anticipated that nation-wide DOQQ coverage will be complete by 2002-2003.

In response to a question from Tony Daidone, Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), about placing DRGs on the web, David suggested looking at some example web sites - Florida, Montana, and Wyoming. David also announced that there may be some upcoming changes in assigned responsibility for maintaining the transportation DLG layer but at present NMD will still produce transportation DLGs for DOI high priority requests. Work on new DEMs and DOQs is ongoing in the Humboldt Basin and Northwest Nevada.

Agency Mapping Priorities for 1999-2001, form attached. Ron Hess passed around a handout for Federal, State, and local agency mapping priorities. This handout is attached to the minutes. Input from the handouts will be used to generate a list of mapping requirements in Nevada. Please send or fax a list of your mapping requirements and the reasons you are requesting the mapping to Ron Hess at the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada, Reno, M.S. 178, Reno, Nevada 89557-0088. FAX: 775- 784-1709, Email: rhess@unr.edu, Phone 775-784-6691 ext 121.

Dave Pickel, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), was unable to attend this meeting but asked that a copy of his agency's ongoing programs be attached to the minutes.

Tony Daidone (phone 775-888-7265, email: adaidone@dotstate.nv.us) introduced himself as the new GIS coordinator for the Nevada Department of Transportation.

10:00 AM: ADJOURN: If you have any questions please contact Ron Hess, Executive Secretary, Nevada State Mapping Advisory Committee at (775) 784- 6691 x 121 or Email rhess@unr.edu.

State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC) Meeting
8:30 AM; April 23, 1999
Reno, Nevada

Meeting Attendance

Jon Price                     Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Ron Hess                      Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Mark O'Brien                  Bureau of Land Management
Bob Puterski                  SBK Consulting
Jerry Vivant                  Nevada Department of Transportation
Rick Free                     Nevada Department of Transportation
Chris Howard                  Inyo County Water Department
Kelvin Hickenbottom           Nevada Division of Water Resources
Sherry Sorensen               USFS, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
Kyle Anderson                 Washoe County
Ken Simpson                   BLM-Carson City Field Office
Ken Shannon                   Carson City Utilities
Scott Royal                   City of Carson City
Rob Bamford                   Nevada Dept. of Environmental Protection
Laura Helsel                  Nevada Dept. of Environmental Protection
Clint Woods                   Clark County
David Edwards                 Clark County
Art Ehrenberg                 Southern Nevada Water Authority
Clint Celio                   Gnomon, Inc.
Tony Daidone                  Nevada Department of Transportation
David Brickey                 TerraSpectra Geomatics
Don Sawatzky                  Consultant
Mike Del Grosso               Nevada Division of State Lands
Eric Warmath                  USGS - Water Resources Division
Rick Connell                  USFS, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
Joe Calderwood                USDA, Forest Service
Rupert White                  Nevada Department of Information Technology
Gary Johnson                  Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
J.R. Peay                     Community College of Southern Nevada
Jim Balderson                 Nevada State Health Division
Richard Johnson               Western Nevada Community College
David Bortnem                 USGS, National Mapping Division