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The Mining District Files consist largely of historical and current maps, reports, articles, photographs, correspondence, assays, production reports, and reserve information on all aspects of mining in Nevada. These have largely been donated to the NBMG over the years from individuals, companies, and other government agencies. The files were originally created, named, and numbered using NBMG Map 37, Metal Mining Districts of Nevada (Schilling, 1976), as an index. In this system, the files are divided alphabetically by county and then alphabetically by district name within each county. The districts are numbered from 1 to 344. Each district has a file, and each county has a general file for things that cannot easily be included in a district file. Map 37 has been superseded by NBMG Report 47, Mining Districts of Nevada, (Tingley, 1998), which is much more complete than Map 37 and is very useful in conjunction with this database. The current mining district naming convention used in this index is based on Report 47. See Map of Mining Districts in Nevada, dated 1946, for a more historical reference on Nevada mining district locations.

Over the last several years NBMG has undertaken the digital conversion of these paper documents into scanned images. The files contained here are in Arcobat PDF file format. The digital file conversion project at NBMG is ongoing. If you have questions about this project contact David Davis at 775-682-8767 or via email at

This information should be considered preliminary. It has not been thoroughly edited or checked for completeness or accuracy.