Matthieu Harlaux
Matthieu Harlaux

Assistant Professor
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno

Business telephone: (775) 682-8752
Fax: (775) 784-1709


• Ph.D. Geosciences, Université de Lorraine,
France, 2016
• M.S. Geosciences, Ecole Nationale Supérieure
de Géologie, France, 2012

Areas of Expertise

• Geochemistry of mineral deposits
• Magmatic-hydrothermal processes
• Trace element and isotope geochemistry
• Fluid and melt inclusions
• Micro-analytical techniques

Professional Work Experience

• 2019–Present: Assistant Professor, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
• 2017–2019: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Selected Publications

Harlaux, M., Mercadier, J., Marignac, C., Villeneuve, J., Mouthier, B., and Cuney, M., 2019, Origin
of the atypical Puy-les-Vignes W breccia pipe (Massif Central, France) constrained by trace
element and boron isotopic composition of tourmaline. Ore Geology Reviews, v. 114, p. 103–132.
Gigon, J., Skirrow, R.G., Harlaux, M., Richard, A., Mercadier, J., Annesley, I.R., and Villeneuve, J.,
2019, Insights into B-Mg-Metasomatism at the Ranger U Deposit (NT, Australia) and Comparison
with Canadian Unconformity-Related U Deposits. Minerals, v. 9, p. 1–27.
Harlaux, M., Mercadier, J., Marignac, C., Peiffert, C., Cloquet, C., and Cuney, M., 2018, Tracing
metal sources in peribatholitic hydrothermal W deposits based on the chemical composition of
wolframite: The example of the Variscan French Massif Central. Chemical Geology, v. 479,
p. 58–85.
Harlaux, M., Romer, R.L., Mercadier, J., Morlot, C., Marignac, C., and Cuney, M., 2018, 40 Ma of
Variscan hydrothermal tungsten mineralization in the French Massif Central revealed by U-Pb
dating of wolframite. Mineralium Deposita, v. 53, p. 21–51.
Harlaux, M., Mercadier, J., Bonzi, W.M.E., Kremer, V., Marignac, C., and Cuney, M., 2017,
Geochemical Signature of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids Exsolved from the Beauvoir Rare-Metal
Granite (Massif Central, France): Insights from LA-ICPMS Analysis of Primary Fluid Inclusions.
Geofluids, v. 2017, p. 1–25.
Harlaux, M., Marignac, C., Cuney, M., Mercadier, J., Magott, R., and Mouthier, B., 2015, Nb-Ti-Y-
HREE-W-U oxide minerals with uncommon compositions associated with the tungsten mineralization
in the Puy-les-Vignes deposit (Massif Central, France): evidence for rare-metal mobilization by
late hydrothermal fluids with a peralkaline signature. The Canadian Mineralogist, v. 53, p. 653–672.
Harlaux, M., Borovinskaya, O., Frick, D.A., Tabersky, D., Gschwind, S., Richard, A., Günther, D.,
and Mercadier, J., 2015, Capabilities of sequential and quasi-simultaneous LA-ICPMS for the
multi-element analysis of small quantity of liquids (pl to nl): insights from fluid inclusion analysis.
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, v. 30, p. 1945–1969.
Cathelineau, M., Caumon, M.C., Massei, F., Brie, D., and Harlaux, M., 2015, Raman spectra of
Ni-Mg kerolite: effect of Ni-Mg substitution on O-H stretching vibrations. Journal of Raman
Spectroscopy, v. 46, p. 933–940.


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Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits

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