2018 Working Group on Nevada Seismic Hazards

February 5 and 6, Reno, Nevada




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The purpose of the 2018 Working Group on Nevada Seismic Hazards meeting is to review ongoing earthquake hazard research in Nevada, discuss technical issues related to earthquake hazards in Nevada, and identify priorities for future research that will reduce uncertainties and improve the USGS Earthquake Hazard Model. The workshop will include technical presentations and discussions focused on: 1) Quaternary fault parameters and earthquake probabilities, 2) seismicity and geodesy, and 3) ground motions relevant to the Reno-Carson-Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas regions.


All persons with relevant expertise are invited to attend. Attendees are encouraged to present their recent relevant research, with the goal of improving the US Geological Survey hazard model as it affects hazard estimates in Nevada.  Attendees are also asked to identify, based on their professional judgment, the most important research issues needed to improve the USGS hazard model for the region.  Workshop proceedings will be published in an Open-File Report and archived at the NBMG.

Date and Location:

The workshop is scheduled for February 5-6, 2018 at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Harry Reid Engineering Building conference room.  The workshop may possibility extend until noon on Feb 7 depending on the number of participants.


November 1, 2017. Deadline to submit title and brief abstract of anticipated presentation.  Submit to both Rich Koehler and John Anderson at the contact emails listed below.

November 15, 2017. Preliminary program will be announced.

January 15, 2018. Submit extended abstract or draft paper. These will be circulated to participants at the meeting.


Please direct any questions directly to Rich Koehler or John Anderson.

Rich Koehler – Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (775) 682-8763, rkoehler@unr.edu

John Anderson – Nevada Seismological Laboratory, jga@unr.edu

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