The 1915 Pleasant Valley, Nevada Earthquake
Nevada's Largest Earthquake


The Pleasant Valley earthquake of October 2, 1915 was the largest earthquake in Nevada’s recorded history. This earthquake ruptured the ground about 50 miles south of Winnemucca, and left a scar along the range front that was more than 35 miles long. In places, the ground surface was offset vertically by as much as 19 feet. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.3 and was felt throughout Nevada. Damage occurred in many places, but was strongest in Pleasant Valley and in the towns of Kennedy and Winnemucca. Continue reading...

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1915 earthquake photos

Photos after the 1915 Pleasant Valley, Nevada earthquake. This earthquake is the largest
earthquake ever recorded in Nevada.

Nevada earthquake video

Damaging Earthquakes in Nevada poster

Damaging earthquakes in Nevada Poster
Click image above or go here for downloadable pdf of this poster and here for downloadable pdf of accompanying text.

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Earthquakes in Nevada map

Earthquakes in Nevada 1840s to 2010
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Living with Earthquakes in Nevada guide

Living with Earthquakes in Nevada
A must read for Nevadans to become earthquake safe and to learn how to protect their valuables from strong shaking.
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The Great Nevada ShakeOut

MyHazards web application

MyHazards An interactive web map created by NBMG that displays natural hazards in Nevada. Users can turn on hazard layers and click features on the map to learn more information about a particular hazard. For example, a user can click an earthquake epicenter to discover more information such as the magnitude and date of the event. Hazards available in the web application include earthquakes, floods, fires, radon and more. Click the image above or go here to start using MyHazards.

Foreshocks to Major Earthquakes in Nevada

Go here to download Seismological Research Letters paper written by Craig M. dePolo titled, "High Probability of Foreshock Occurrence and Significant Probability of Multiple Events Associated with Magnitude ≥6 Earthquakes in Nevada, U.S.A."

Earthquake Faults in Nevada

Quaternary Faults in Nevada
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