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Detailed Maps of Geothermal Areas


An alphabetized, linked list of detailed, large-scale maps for many geothermal sites around Nevada. Maps can be accessed by clicking on their links in the appropriate site descriptions. Explanation of Geothermal Area Detailed Maps.

Map Links

Artesia Lake
Baltazor Hot Springs
Bartholomae Hot Springs
Bartine Hot Springs
Beowawe Geysers
Bradys Hot Springs
Bronco Springs
Buffalo Valley Hot Springs1
Buffalo Valley Hot Springs2
Campbell Ranch Springs
Comstock Mining District
Cordero Mercury Mine
Darroughs Hot Springs
Desert Peak
Devils Punch Bowl
Dianas Punch Bowl
Dixie Valley Index
Dixie Valley 1
Dixie Valley 2
Dixie Valley3
Dixie Hot Springs
Dixie Comstock Mine
Double Hot Springs
Dyke Hot Springs
Eightmile Flat 1
Eightmile Flat 2
Fish Lake Valley 1
Fish Lake Valley 2
Fly Ranch 1
Fly Ranch 2
Horseshoe Ranch Springs
Hot Creek Canyon
Hot Creek Springs
Hot Springs (Tipton) Ranch
Hot Springs on Cress Ranch
Hot Springs Point
Hot Springs Ranch
Hot Sulphur Springs


Humboldt House

Humboldt Wells
Kyle Hot Springs
Leach Hot Springs
Lee Hot Springs
Little Fish Lake Valley
Moana Hot Springs
Monte Neva Hot Springs
Mosquito Ranch
North of Humboldt House
Northern East Range
Northern Smith Creek Valley
Pinto Hot Springs
Railroad Valley 1
Railroad Valley 2
Railroad Valley 3
Railroad Valley 4
Ralphs Warm Springs
Rogers Spring
Rye Patch
San Emidio Desert
Smith Ranch Springs
Smoke Creek Desert
Soda Lake
Soldier Meadows Hot Springs
Southern Smith Creek Valley 1
Southern Smith Creek Valley 2
Southern Smith Creek Valley 3
Steamboat Hot Springs
Steamboat Hot Springs 1
Steamboat Hot Springs 2
Steamboat Hot Springs 3
Steamboat Hot Springs 4
Steamboat Hot Springs 5
Steamboat Hot Springs 6
Steamboat Hot Springs 7
The Needle Rocks
Wabuska Hot Springs