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Published Maps

Published geothermal maps of Nevada and the Great Basin


NBMG Map 151


NBMG Map 161

Geothermal Potential Map of the Great Basin, Western United States
Coolbaugh, et al. (2005)

NBMG Map 151

download plate (.pdf, 7.3 Mb)

GIS-based weights of evidence and logistic regression were used to combine five evidence layers into a predictive map of geothermal favorability. See GIS Models page for further details.


Nevada Geothermal Resources Update
Penfield et al (2010)

NBMG Map 161

download plate (.pdf, 8.9 Mb)
also available with shaded relief (.pdf, 146 Mb)

A 1:750,000-scale color map showing geothermal resources in Nevada, including active direct-use applications and power plants as of June 2010. Locations are based on a compilation of databases containing information on thermal springs, geothermal wells in the literature, geothermal wells permitted by the State of Nevada, and thermal gradient wells. Site locations have been updated and corrected from the Nevada Geothermal Resources map published in 2005 (NBMG Map 141, 2nd edition).


NBMG Open-file Report 09-10


NBMG Map 141 (2nd Edtion)

Preliminary Geothermal Potential and
Exploration Activity Map in Nevada

Zehner et al (2009)

NBMG Open-File 09-10

download plate (.pdf, 91.8 Mb) or text (.pdf, 84 Kb)

Geothermal favorability and exploration activity as two side-by-side maps. The geothermal producing potential of Nevada is categorized from low to high, based on geological, geochemical, and thermal data (Full text).


Nevada Geothermal Resources
Shevenell and Garside (2005)

NBMG Map 141 (2nd Edition)

download plate (.pdf, 3 Mb)

A map of Nevada thermal features, including warm and hot springs, wells, temperature gradient holes, permitted geothermal well locations, geothermal power plants, direct use facilities, and transmission lines.