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Geothermal Presentations

Geothermal presentations from the 2006 Geothermal Exploration Workshop.


Nevada's Known Geothermal Areas and Resources - May 18, 2006

Exploration Workshop, Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting | San Diego, CA | 2006

Recognition and Mapping of Surface Geothermal Features | Mark Coolbaugh, GBCGE/UNR

Remote Sensing Case Histories | Mark Coolbaugh, Chris Kratt, and Wendy Calvin, GBCGE/UNR

Surface and Shallow Temperature Measurements | Mark Coolbaugh, Chris Sladek, Jim Combs, and Rick Zehner, GBCGE/UNR

Geothermal Exploration Short Stories in Progress in Nevada, USA | Mark Coolbaugh, GBCGE/UNR

Introduction & Brief Classification of Geothermal Resources | Paul Brophy, EGS Inc.

The Coso Geothermal Field: An Exploration Case History | Steven C. Bjornstad, USN Geothermal Program Office, China Lake, CA

Geophysical Exploration for Geothermal Resources | William Cumming, Cumming Geoscience, Santa Rosa, CA

Exploration Geochemistry | Christopher W. Klein, GeothermEx, Inc.

Geology, Structure and Hydrothermal Alteration of Geothermal Systems | Joe Moore, Energy & Geoscience Institute

The Karaha-Telaga Bodas Geothermal System, Indonesia | Joe Moore, Energy & Geoscience Institute

Introduction to Remote Sensing for Geothermal Exploration | Gregoroy D. Nash, Ph.D., Energy & Geoscience Institute, University of Utah

A Case Study of the Roosevelt Hot Springs Geothermal Field, Utah | Joe Moore, Energy & Geoscience Institute

Structure Controls on Geothermal Systems | Nicholas C. Davatzes, USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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