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Site Descriptions


Descriptions of more than 200 geothermal sites based on updated information from NBMG Bulletin 91, Thermal Waters of Nevada. Individual site descriptions can be obtained by clicking on site name in this list or on associated hot spots on the interactive map. Links to figures, photos, chemical data, and detailed maps are included in many of the site descriptions.


Adobe Valley
Alkali Hot Spring
Amargosa Desert
Antelope Valley (Eureka County) Antelope Valley (Lander County) Artesia Lake
Ash Springs (Alamo)
Aurora Crater
Baltazor Hot Springs
Bartholomae Hot Springs
Bartine Hot Springs
Battle Mountain
Bennett Springs
Biddleman Spring
Big Blue Spring
Big Divide Mine
Black Canyon
Black Rock Desert
Blue Mountain
Bog Hot Valley
Boiling Spring
Bolivia Artesian Well
Bowers Mansion
Bradys Hot Springs
Brooks Ranch N of Gabbs
Bruffeys Hot Springs
Bruneau River
Buena Vista Valley
Buffalo Mountain
Buffalo Spring
Buffalo Valley Hot Springs
Butte Valley
Cactus Flat
Campbell Ranch Springs
Carico Lake Valley
Carlotti Ranch Springs
Carson City
Carson Lake Corral
Carson Valley
Charnock Ranch
Cherry Creek Hot Springs
Clayton Valley
Clover Valley
Coal Valley
Cold Springs N of Rawhide Hot Springs
Collar and Elbow Spring
Colorado River
Columbus Marsh
Comstock Mining District
Cordero Mercury Mine
Coyote Hole Spring
Coyote Spring Valley
Crescent Valley
Crystal Springs
Dann Hot Spring
Darroughs Hot Springs
Dead Travertine
Deadhorse Well
Death Valley (Nye)
Deep Creek Reservoir
Delmues Springs
Desert National Wildlife Refuge
Desert Peak
Desert Valley
Diamond A Ranch
Diamond Valley
Dianas Punch Bowl
Dixie Comstock Mine
Dixie Federal 62-21 Well
Dixie Federal 66-21 Well
Dixie Hot Springs
Dixie Valley
Double Hot Springs-Black Rock Hot Springs
Double Spring
Double Spring Flat
Dry Lake Valley (Clark)
Dry Lake Valley (Lincoln)
Dyke Hot Springs
Eagle Salt Works
East Walker River
Eightmile Flat (Salt Wells)
Elevenmile Canyon
Fallon Naval Air Station
Fairview Valley
Fireball Ridge
Fish Creek Mountains
Fish Creek Valley
Fish Lake Valley
Flatnose Ranch
Fly Ranch
Flynn Ranch Springs
Fort Halleck
Fox Mountain
Frenchman Flat
Gabbs Valley
Gabbs Valley Ranch
Geyser Ranch Springs
Giocoechea Warm Springs
Golconda Butte
Goldfield Mining District
Goose Creek
Goshute Valley
Granite Ranch
Granite Range
Granite Springs Valley
Grass Valley (Lander)
Hamlin Valley
Hammond Ranch
Hiko Springs
Hobo Hot Springs
Holly Well
Honey Lake Valley
Horseshoe Ranch Springs
Hot Creek Canyon
Hot Creek Springs
Hot Creek Valley
Hot Creek Valley Spring
Hot Drill Hole N of Rock Hill Area
Hot Lake
Hot Pot Spring
Hot Spring at Stony Point
Hot Spring in Rock Creek
Hot Spring near Wild Horse Reservoir
Hot Spring W of Bell Flat Well
Hot Springs (Tipton) Ranch
Hot Springs at Hot Springs Point
Hot Springs near Carlin
Hot Springs near Deeth
Hot Springs on East Walker
Hot Springs Mountains
Hot Springs Point
Hot Springs Ranch
Hot Springs Ranch (Humboldt)
Hot Springs West of Routes 6 and 25
Hot Sulfur Springs near Carlin
Hot Sulphur Springs
Hot Well W of Mount Annie
Howard Hot Spring
Humboldt Lake
Humboldt Range
Humboldt Wells
Huntington Valley
Hyder Hot Springs
Independence Mountains
Independence Valley (NW Elko)
Independence Valley (SE Elko)
Indian Springs Valley
Ione Valley
Ivanpah Valley
Jackpot Contact
James Lister Well
Jarbridge Mountains
Jersey Valley
Kamma Mountains
Kern Mountains
Kings River Valley
Kumiva Valley
Kyle Hot Springs
Lake Mead
Lake Range
Lake Valley
Las Vegas Valley

Lawton Hot Springs
Leach Hot Springs
Lee Hot Springs
Little Bell Flat Well
Little Fish Lake Valley
Little Hot Springs
Lone Tree Mine
Lower Ranch Hot Spring
Lower Stonehouse Spring
Macfarlanes Bath House Spring
Mahogany Hills
Majuba Mountains
Mason Valley
Mc Gee Mountain
McCoy Springs
McGinness Hills
McLeods Ranch Spring
Mercury Valley
Mineral Hot Springs
Moana Hot Springs
Moapa Valley
Monte Cristo Valley
Monte Neva Hot Springs
Moorman Spring
Mosquito Ranch/Mosquito Creek
Mountain City
Mud Windmill
Murphys Well
Nevada Hot Springs
Nevada State Prison
Newark Valley
New York Canyon
North Big Smoky Valley
North Monitor Valley
North Rail Road Valley
North Reese River Valley
North Valley
Northern East Range
Northern Smith Creek Valley
Northern Spring Valley
Osgood Mountains
Owyhee Desert
Pahranagat Valley
Pahrump Valley
Pahute Mesa
Panaca - Pioche
Paradise Valley
Pearl Hot Springs
Pilot Creek Valley
Pine Valley
Pinto Hot Springs
Pinyon Hills
Pirouette Mountain
Pleasant Valley
Pumpernickel Valley
Pyramid Lake
Quinn River Crossing
Railroad Valley
Raine Ranch Springs
Ralphs Warm Springs
Red House Flat
Reveille Valley
Rhodes Marsh
Rizzi Ranch Hot Springs
Rogers Spring
Round Mountain Mine
Ruby Valley
Rye Patch
Salt Wells
San Emidio Desert
San Emidio Desert (Empire)
San Jacinto
Sand Spring Valley
Santa Renia Mountains
Santa Rosa Range
Saratoga Hot Spring
Sarcobatus Flat
Saulsbury Wash
Schellbourne Springs
Sheep Creek Range
Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge
Shoshone Basin
Shipley Hot Springs
Silver Peak Hot Springs
Silver Peak/Clayton Valley
Silver Springs
Siri Ranch Spring
Smith Creek Valley
Smith Ranch Springs
Smith Valley
Smoke Creek Desert
Snake Mountains
Soda Lake
Sodaville Springs
Soldier Meadows Hot Springs
Sou Hot Springs
South Monitor Valley
South Railroad Valley
South Reese River Valley
Southern Big Smoky Valley
Southern Pacific
Southern Smith Creek Valley
Spanish Springs Valley
Spencer Hot Springs
Spring Mountains
Spring Valley
Spring at Headwaters of Hot Creek
Spring near J. Henroid Ranch
Spring near Reveille
Spring near Silver Spring
Spring near Wilkinson Ranch
Spring on Four Mile Flat
Springs near Lone Butte
Squaw Valley Ranch
Steamboat Hot Springs
Steptoe Valley
Sulfur Springs
Sulphur Hot Springs
Sulphur Spring
Surprise Valley Hot Spring
Susie Creek
Tecoma Valley
Teels Marsh
Telephone Well
The Hot Springs
The Needle Rocks
Thompson Ranch Spring
Thousand Springs Valley
Tom Ormechea
Tonopah Mining District
Trego Hot Springs
Trinity Range
Truckee Range
Truckee River Canyon
Truckee Meadows Area
Tungsten Mountain
Tuscarora Mountains
Twelvemile Spring
Virgin Valley
Virgin Valley Campground
Virginia Range
Wabuska Hot Springs
Wall Spring
Walleys Hot Springs
Walker River Reservation
Walti Hot Springs
Warm Springs
Warm Spring in Sulphur
Warm Spring near Fort Halleck
Warm Springs Valley
Washoe Lake
Wedekind Mine
Wedell Spring
Well, Kingston Creek Ditch
West Stone Cabin Valley
White River Valley
Whiskey Flat
Wild Horse Reservoir
Williams Hot Springs
Wilson Creek Range
Wilson Hot Spring
Wine Cup Ranch
Yucca Flat
Yucca Mountain