NBMG Open-File Report 11-6
Also available on portable hard drive, 105 GB, 9643 files

Oil and Gas Well Information for Nevada—2011 Update

Compiled by Ronald H. Hess1, Martha A. Henson1, David A. Davis1,
Samuel H. Limerick2, Siewe Siewe Siewe3, and Mary Niles3
1Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology; 2Consultant; 3Oklahoma State University

This is a compilation of oil and gas well permits, completion reports, electric logs, mud logs, sundry reports, and production data housed at NBMG. Also included in this compilation are most of the petroleum-related bulletins, reports, and maps produced by NBMG.

This update includes all oil and gas well files that have been scanned by NBMG over the last five years. They are in a variety of formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and software-specific formats and are provided in the format which they were scanned. Some files are duplicated in different formats. Many of these files, especially the log files, are very large. For example, some of the full-color log files in TIFF format are several hundred megabytes in size. You may need special viewing software for some of these files.

This update includes a major scanning project, just completed, by the AAPG-OSU GIS Consortium (http://www.datapages.com/Partners/AAPGOSUConsortium.aspx). It was funded by OSU alumni Boone Pickens. It included the scanning of all of the oil and gas well files that had not yet been converted to an electronic format. This included over half of the paper oil and gas well records housed at NBMG. The brunt of this scanning effort was performed by two OSU students and employees of OSU Cartography Services: Siewe Siewe Siewe (PhD candidate) and Mary Niles (BS Geology student).

Links to the API numbers on the lists below go to directories containing various scanned logs and other documents associated with each well. The digital files may not be complete for each well and are provided in the same format as provided by OSU, well operator, or vendor. The well data on these tables are current to August 29, 2011.

Well Log Search

Oil well log additions since 2011

Description of information and abbreviations (.pdf) used in the above lists


Other NBMG information and reports:

Petroleum Data Map of Nevada, 2007, NBMG Map 162 - GIS dataset in a zipfile, 119 Mb.

Qualitative Petroleum Map of Nevada, 2007, NBMG Open-File Report 11-2 (map as layered pdf file plus text).

Assessment of the Potential for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration with Enhanced Oil Recovery in Nevada, 2007, NBMG Open-File Report 07-7, - GIS dataset in a zipfile

Map of Oil and Gas Well Locations in Nevada - 2001

Black and White Map of Oil and Gas Well Locations in Nevada - 2001

Simple Graphic of Oil and Gas Well Locations in Nevada - 2001

Nevada Oil and Gas Drilling, 1906-1953 (NBMG Bulletin 52), 14 Mb.

Oil and Gas Developments in Nevada (NBMG Bulletin 104).

Nevada Oil and Gas Source-rock Database, 1992, NBMG Open-File Report 92-5.

Nevada Oil and Gas Well Database Map with GIS layers, 2001, NBMG Open-File Report 01-7.

Production and Injection Data for Oil and Gas Wells in Nevada.

Electric logs from wells that were part of the U.S. Air Force MX missile-siting investigation project. These wells are located in several valleys in east-central Nevada.

Nevada active mines and energy producers, 2010, NBMG Map 170, color plate or GIS data in a zipfile, 72 Mb. (superseded by NBMG Open-File Report 14-1)

Preliminary assessment of the potential for carbon dioxide disposal by sequestration in geological settings in Nevada, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Report 51 - report text (9 Mb) - complete GIS data set in a zip compressed file (197 Mb). This data set contains a wide variety of GIS data sets of Nevada.

Geology of Nevada, bedrock geologic map by Stewart, J.H. and Carlson, J.E., 1978, U.S. Geological Survey, 1:500,000, 30.4 Mb.

Topographic Map of Nevada, 1984, U.S. Geological Survey, 1:500,000, 23.7 Mb. To access a georeferenced version of this map in tifw format see the GIS data set contained in Report 51 above.

This information should be considered preliminary. It has not been thoroughly edited or checked for completeness or accuracy. If you have questions about this data, contact Rachel Micander, rmicander@unr.edu or NBMG Public, nbmg@unr.edu or phone at (775) 682-8766.

Suggested Citation:
Hess, R.H., Henson, M.A., Davis, D.A., Limerick, S.H., Siewe, S.S., and Niles, M., 2011, Oil and gas well information for Nevada - 2011 update: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File Report 11-6, portable hard drive, 105 GB.