Standard Reference Material

revised: May 1, 2012

There are several reference materials (SRMs) available at the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. SRM’s NBM 1a-6b are available in 300g bottles @ $50.00 each and 30g bags @ $7.00 each. SRM's NBM-8a, 8b, and 8c are $100.00 for a 300g bottle and $15.00 for a 30g bag. These prices do not include shipping and handling. For information about availability and shipping contact the Publication Sales offices at (775) 682-8766 or by e-mail:

Available NBMG SRM's for sale


Paradise Peak, andesite-hosted Au-Ag background


NBM-1a: Au: 3.0 ppb, Ag: <100 ppb


Jerritt Canyon, carbonaceous Au-Ag background and ore


NBM-2a: Au: 7 ppb, Ag: 248 ppb


Mesquite Mine, metasediment-hosted Au-Ag background and ore


NBM-4a: Au: 75 ppb, Ag: <300 ppb


Boss Mine, carbonate-hosted, hydrothermal Au-Pt-Pd ore


NBM-5b: Au: 1065 ppb, Pt: 317 ppb, Pd: 776 ppb

NBM-6a, 6b:

Stillwater Mine, mafic intrusive-hosted Pt-Pd background and ore


NBM-6a: Au: 17 ppb, Pt: 159 ppb, Pd: 500 ppb


NBM-6b: Au: 0.0234 opt, Pt: 0.352 opt, Pd: 1.13 opt

NBM-8a, 8b, 8c:

Carlin type oxide and refractory Au-Ag ore


NBM-8a: Au: 0.049 opt, Ag: 0.036 opt


NBM-8b: Au: 0.290 opt, Ag: 0.043 opt


NBM-8c: Au: 0.397 opt, Ag: 0.019 opt


Current and Archived SRM Certificates

PDF format (Adobe Reader Required)

NBM-1a, NBM-1b, NBM-1c

NBM-2a, NBM-2b


NBM-4a, NBM-4b


NBM-6a, NBM-6b

NBM-8a, NBM-8b, NBM-8c