Drew Levy
Drew Levy

Drew A. Levy

E-mail: drewlevy@nevada.unr.edu


• B.S., Geology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2016

Areas of Expertise

• Geologic Mapping
• Structural Geology
• Continental Deformation and Dynamics

Professional Work Experience

• 2017-Present - Teaching Assistant, Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering,
University of Nevada, Reno
• 2015–2016 - Student Researcher, University of California, Los Angeles


Major Ongoing Projects

• Exploring the timing and character of contractional deformation along the western margin
of Laurentia in the late Paleozoic, Last Chance Range, Inyo County, eastern California.
• Investigating the transitions between contractional and extensional deformation in orogenic
systems, and the controls on modern deformation by ancestral structures, eastern California
and western Nevada.


Levy, D.A., Haproff, P.J., Yin, A., 2016, Reexaming Owens Valley: Partitioning of Discrete and
Distributed Transtension, Structural Controls on Magmatism, and Seismic Potential within an
Active Rift Zone, Eastern California, Abstract T13A-2670 presented at 2016 Fall Meeting, AGU,
San Francisco, Calif., 11–15 Dec.

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