NBMG Publication Process

Steps 3–5 shown below in italics apply to peer-reviewed publication only.

Generalized flowchart of the NBMG publication process.

  1. Manuscript and/or map is compiled and prepared by author(s) for publication.
    1. Authors should refer to NBMG guidelines for submitting materials for publication, which are available on the NBMG website at http://nbmg.unr.edu/Style/FAQ.html.
    2. Authors should work with NBMG early in the planning stage to determine the publications series that best suits the submitted manuscript and/or map.
    3. Manuscripts and/or maps by external authors should be submitted as a complete and final draft.
    4. During the publication process, NBMG will migrate map data from its submitted format into the NBMG database format. This migration must occur regardless of whether the submitted data was prepared in a GIS format.
    5. Map collars will be reformatted to follow NBMG standards. The collar layout and content on submitted materials is an important guide for the NBMG publication process, but even polished map collars will be reformatted as needed to match NBMG style standards.
    6. Particularly for publications with internal NBMG authors, the Cartographic, GIS, and Publications team may provide support to authors during this part of the process.

  2. Manuscript and/or map is submitted to NBMG for publication.

  3. Publication is prepared for field review if applicable.1, 2
    1. Lead author coordinates and arranges field review.

  4. Publication is prepared for office review.1, 3
    1. Authors identify reviewers and obtain their agreement/commitment to review the publication in the required time frame (usually about a month).
    2. Authors obtain contact information from reviewers and inform them that the Cartographic/GIS/Publications Manager will be contacting them with a reviewer packet.
    3. Lead author provides reviewers’ contact information to Manager.
    4. Manager prepares publication materials and reviewer packets and sends to reviewers with typically a one-month deadline for returning their review comments.
      1. Manager coordinates with reviewers while the publication is in review (e.g., informs authors of cartographic steps that are not typically completed until after review has completed, such as hand-placing labels; answers any questions that reviewers may have once materials are provided to them; assists with any technical difficulties; provides follow ups and reminders about an approaching review deadline, etc.).
    5. Reviewers return review comments and edits to Manager.
    6. Manager reviews comments/feedback and addresses any comments that may deal with cartographic protocols (e.g., waiting until after review to hand place labels, etc.) and provides thank you to reviewers for their time.
    7. Review comments are returned to the author(s) for integration into the publication as they see fit.

  5. Authors integrate review comments and finalize product to be turned over to Cartographic/GIS/ Publications team for publication preparation.

  6. NBMG publication preparation begins.
    1. The Cartographic/GIS/Publications team member assigned to the publication prepares the publication materials for release. They also perform an initial cartographic and style review of the publication.
    2. Questions, comments, or edits required are returned to the author(s). The NBMG Geologic Mapping Program Coordinator will facilitate returning these edits to external authors(s).
    3. Authors address questions, comments, or edits and return the revised publication back to team member and/or advise the team member on how to incorporate the necessary edits.
    4. Steps 6b and 6c may be repeated as necessary until publication is ready for final reviews.
    5. Once all revisions have been integrated and finalized, the publication will move to the Cartographic/GIS/Publications Manager for review.

  7. Cartographic/GIS/Publications Manager performs a final editorial review of publication.
    1. NBMG does not have a formal editor at current, so this step is the most thorough of the review process.
    2. This step typically catches numerous edits for both the author(s) and team member to address.
    3. Edits are returned to the team member to address any necessary revisions.
    4. The Cart/GIS team member will coordinate with the author(s) on any edits that require the author(s) to address. The NBMG Geologic Mapping Program Coordinator will facilitate returning these edits to external authors(s).
    5. The Cart/GIS Manager also assigns the publication number at this stage.

  8. Once all edits have been incorporated into the publication, the Manager confirms that edits were addressed appropriately.
    1. The Manager works with team member regarding any remaining edits still needed and the lead author is consulted if edits are not strictly cartographic or style edits.
    2. Once the Manager successfully confirms that the publication is ready for Director’s review, the Manager gives the publication to the Director along with sign-off sheet that indicates the publication number.

  9. Director performs final Director’s review/signoff for release as an NBMG publication.
    1. Any edits are returned to the Manager who coordinates with the team member.
    2. Director may receive publication a second time if the publication was not signed off for release during the first Director’s review.

  10. Publication release.
    1. Once the Director signs off that the publication may be released, it is posted on the NBMG web server.
    2. Sales Manager is informed so that it can be entered into the NBMG shopping cart and publicly announced.

1Generally, 2–3 peer reviewers are preferred, including at least one external reviewer and one internal reviewer. For Map series (“M-series”), preferably one surficial reviewer and one bedrock reviewer is desired.

2Some peer-reviewed publications may not undergo a field review.

3Some peer-reviewed publications may not undergo an office review that follows these steps strictly. In some cases, an office review may occur in conjunction with a field review or be coordinated by an NBMG geologist or the author. The latter is common with externally authored publications.