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Calendar of Events 2020-2021

Zoom Meeting Oct. 1, 2020
Speaker: Michael Say, UNR Graduate
"Late Miocene transition between Basin and Range extension and Walker Lane tectonics, northern Pine Nut Mountains, Nevada: New insights from geologic mapping and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology."

Zoom Meeting Nov. 5, 2020
Speaker: Robin Zuza, Ormat
"Recent geothermal exporation in the West - keeping conventional low-temperature resources a strategic focus."

Christmas Meeting Dec. 3, 2020: Cancelled due to coronavirus.

Zoom Meeting Jan. 7, 2021
Speaker: TBD

Zoom Meeting Feb. 4, 2021
Speaker: TBD

Zoom Meeting March 4, 2021
Speaker: TBD

Zoom Meeting April 1, 2021
Speaker: TBD

Zoom Meeting May 6, 2021
Speaker: TBD

Zoom Meeting September 2nd, 2021
Speaker: Mark Hauenstein, UC Won LLC

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