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Membership Directory

June 1, 2007 NPGS Membership Directory

This electronic version of the membership directory consists of seven files, all in Adobe
Acrobat PDF format, which are opened and read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (If you
don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, go to to obtain a free copy of their
software program.)

The principal file, which contains the primary listing of membership information, is
Membership Directory 1-Jun-07.

Following is a brief description of the files and their size.

1) Cover 2007-06-01. The cover page is a photo of the shadow on the playa made by the drill pipe in the mast at the Makoil No. 18-43 West Bacon Flat well, Railroad Valley, Nevada; with NPS and Directory captions at the top. 509 KB
2) NPS Info-Officers-BOD 1-Jun-07. This file contains basic information about the NPS; 2007-2008 officers and their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses; and the 2007-2008 Board of Directors. 13 KB
3) Committees-Representatives-Past Officers 1-Jun-07. This file contains names and phone numbers of committee chairs, the NPS delegate and alternate delegate(s) to the AAPG House of Delegates, the NPS representative to the Rocky Mountain Section - AAPG Executive Committee, past officers of the NPS, Founding and Honorary members, and recipients of the Distinguished Service and Tick-a-boo Valley Duster awards. 19 KB
4) Directory Info-Spring 2007. This file provides the total number and breakout of NPS members as of June 1, 2007, and the organization of the primary listing (i.e., membership sorted alphabetically by name) of the Membership Directory. 11 KB each
5) Membership Directory 1-Jun-07. This is the main file that contains the primary list of membership information; sorted alphabetically by name. 109 KB
6) Membership sorted by Company 1-Jun-07. This file contains member names and their company/affiliation, sorted alphabetically by company/affiliation. 22 KB
7) Membership sorted by Geographic Location 1-Jun-07. This file contains member names and their geographic location, sorted alphabetically by geographic location. 20 KB

Please direct comments, questions, or suggestions to Jerry Walker, Membership Chair.
He can be reached by phone at (775) 348-0650 or by email at