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Membership Application Information


Thank you for considering membership in the Nevada Petroleum Society, Inc. Applications for membership must be completed in full, and be accompanied by dues payment. Incomplete or unpaid applications will be returned.

Applications will be evaluated by the membership committee: screening criteria include recommendations by NPS members, outside recommendations, accuracy of information provided, active membership in national professional organizations related to the oil industry, and absence of reasonable and credible objections to the application. The membership committee will recommend action on each application to the officers of the Society, who will be the final judge of each application. This process normally takes 60 to 90 days.

The Nevada Petroleum Society's Bylaws regarding membership are detailed below:

Please return completed application and dues payment to:

        Nevada Petroleum Society, Inc.
        P.O. Box 11526
        Reno, NV 89510-1526


ARTICLE I - Membership

SECTION 1. Membership Membership in this Society shall consist of the following classifications:
(a) Active Members
(b) Associate Members
(c) Student Members
(d) Honorary Members
(e) Life Members

Only Active, Honorary, and Life Members may hold Office or vote in Society affairs. Memberships may not be transferred or assigned.

SECTION 2. Active Members Any person engaged in the oil and gas profession, or related fields of endeavor, may apply for Active membership.

SECTION 3. Honorary Members Honorary Members shall be those members of this Society who shall have contributed distinguished service to the petroleum industry in Nevada. Such determination shall be made by the officers of the Society. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues, but shall have all the privileges and advantages of Active membership in the Society.

SECTION 4. Student Members Any student majoring in geology, engineering or other oil and gas related curriculum may apply for student membership.

SECTION 5. Associate Members Any person not qualified for any other class of membership may apply for election as an Associate Member.

SECTION 6. Life Members Any person qualified for Active membership may pay a one time sum of $200, and apply for Life membership. Life Members shall be members for life, with no further payment of dues, and shall have all of the privileges of Active membership.

SECTION 7. Election to Membership Every candidate for admission to this Society shall submit a formal application on an application form authorized by the officers of the Society, signed by him. The officers of the Society shall be the sole judge of the eligibility of the applicant for membership and the adequacy of his qualifications.