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Lesson Plans:
Earth Science


Author: Lindsay Craig

Unit Title: Environment

Lesson Titles: Urbanization, Mine Wastes, and Influence of Mining

Grade Level: 9-12

Educational Standards: From Nevada Educational Standard 16.12.5 students analyze and evaluate the effects that increases in human populations can cause (e.g., resource depletion and environmental degradation).

From the National Science Education Standards, CONTENT STANDARD F, "As a result of their activities in grades 9-12, all students should develop an understanding of natural resources and environmental quality."

Unit Overview and Goals: These lessons are designed for the high school Environmental Science student and they directly address their cognitive learning needs while taking in key aspects of the national and Nevada state educational standards. This unit integrates the study of various associated environmental topics as they apply to the Comstock. The unit goals are to develop the student's understanding of natural resources and environmental quality.

Lesson Overview: Urbanization, Mine Waste, and Influence of Mining. This lesson is intended to be an investigation into the three major long lasting environmental impacts created by the Comstock.

Time Resources: This lesson is designed for a time period of 50 minutes.

Objectives: Students will be able to investigate environmental essay information set forth set forth in the web pages, summarize the main points contained within.

Educational Instruction: Reading web pages - 20 minutes. Summarizing key points from the reading - 10 minutes. Discussion form on key points - 20 minutes.

Materials: The materials needed for this portion of the lesson include pencil and notebook paper only.

Assessment: Formal assessment is to be made of the student's ability to summarize the written information contained in the Web page. Informal assessment will come with student discussion of the main points and their own ideas concerning the information presented.